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About Us

Mission statement

Our services are not only limited to enhance business Quantity or quality, we believe on serving current and future technology to serve humanity.

Our Vision

Trust, reliability, and long term relationship with all clients. Our success totally depends on clients Success. Each Client is the most important client for all team members.

About us

After successfully partnering with top IT agencies and servicing worldwide customers. “First Clicked” started its New York base office in 2014. “First Clicked” is servicing worldwide customers but its main focus is on U.S.A, Canada, UK and UAE Clients.

We are partner with Top SEO IT agencies and have successfully serviced their clients. We believe on providing same service as a vendor as we serve our own clients. We are IT Company with internal and external teams. Each of our client has go through a “Quality Control” process to make sure that before the project is handed over to client , each client is 100% satisfied according to his initial and final needs.

First Clicked uses its planned strategy before taking over any project. We believe that a satisfied customer recommends ten more customers. This why customer satisfaction is the top most priority for us.