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CMS Website Development

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a Web application that uses a database (usually MySQL) or other methods to create, edit, and store HTML content in a manageable way. Content is created and edited on the web in an administration portion of the web application (referred to as the Backend). The resulting content is then displayed to the viewers on the regular site (referred to as the Frontend).

No matter what type of website your organization is using such as corporate, information portal, community environment, e-commerce, personal blog, intranet, social networking, photo gallery,  media integration, beside utilizing top content management systems such Drupal, WorPress, Radiant CMS, Magento and Silverstripe, our Team is also keeping an eye on most promising CMS’s such as Frog CMS, Concrete5 CMS, and  iWeb, which are known for extremely functional CMS as far as user friendly and various features.