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Search Engine Optimization

Why we are different than other SEO agencies? Experience and knowledge counts.

First Clicked, does not only hires experienced candidates, our team has to go through intense training process, weekly one on one sessions, professional development classes under experienced Instructors having in depth knowledge of all the factors and tools that guarantees optimization, high ranking, that attracts thousands of visitors, on the other hand they have knowledge of the factors and tools that does not only waste clients huge investment on hiring SEO agencies, rather also stops the traffic clients were already getting before optimization.

If your organization is in hands of SEO agency, did you know if the service provider was actually optimizing your business or was making it worst? What factors do you have in your hand as a layman customer knowledge that you’re getting for what you are investing. We educate our clients and help them ask us following questions so that they know that they are in the right hand and what their expectations are using our services.

You must ask us?

  • What is the agency’s primary marketing goal when it comes to delivering results?
  • What type of marketing and analytic reports will you be receiving and how often?
  • Will there be a campaign analysis report included?
  • How long is your minimum contract?
  • Do you have any long term clients?
  • What type of links will you be building?
  • Is your link building strategy white hat, grey hat or black hat?
  • Does your solution include an aspect of content marketing or blogging?
  • Is on-site SEO included

Is on-site SEO included in our campaign? You need to see that an SEO plans to complete at least the following core on-site moves such as and not limited to:

Title tag optimization

  •  Meta Description optimization
  •  Kew word URL structure   optimization
  •  XML sitemap creation
  •  XML sitemap syndication to Google and Bing
  •  Google Analytics + Webmaster Installation
  •  Keyword Density Optimization
  •  Inter-Linking Optimization
  •  Canonical URL Optimization
  • Blog Category Optimization

 H1 header Optimization

  • Which pages of my website will you target with Keywords?
  • Is your SEO firm currently ranking on the first page of Google for any keyword phrases and how many searched per month does that keyword receive? ?
  • What considerations do you take prior to selecting organic keyword for a campaign?
  • Is an account rep available by phone throughout the campaign?
  • Do you consistently introduce new strategies throughout the campaign?
  •  Does your firm review overall conversions and conversion rates as it relates to sales?
  • Does your SEO firm leverage additional advertising and digital marketing mediums to drive traffic, brand awareness, and increase conversions?
  • Can you show me keywords rankings for an active client?
  • Who will be working on my campaign? Can I talk with them prior to signing a contract?
  • What information does your firm need to know before we can get started on a campaign?
  • When should I expect to see results? 

If you need answers to all of these questions or have more questions, you are on the right place

If you have an online running business or planning to invest on one, you must do some research on how the world will know or find out about you, and the services your business provides? How the millions of potential customers, desperate to hear from your team will know that your organization is the right point of contact for their urgent needs? On the other hand your competitors with less potential and lack of experience will take all of your business because they have used SEO tools to optimize their business.   

Your organization may be the best service provider worldwide, selling the best products in the world, provide the best customer service, but without Search Engine Optimization you will not be getting traffic from the natural, organic, editorial or free search results on search engines. The world will not try your services or products until know you are there.

The Major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and most importantly Google have primary search results on the other hand your web pages, its content and local listings are shown and most importantly  ‘Ranked’ based on what the major search engines consider that are relevant to users or customers searching according to their interest. First Clicked with its vast experience in latest Search Engine Optimization will be the best point of contact to optimize your business by using the most recent technology and tools need to Rank you site on the top of the list. This is why we are First Clicked.